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Conference Realignment

Posted on: August 12, 2011 2:04 pm
I really hate this discussion but really we can't just sit back and not do anything.  I honestly think that Jamie Pollard needs to shop us around to the Big Ten, Pac 12, and SEC.  I really don't want to but I think it is neccessary in the survival of our school.  Especially with our new found growth in Mens Basketball and in Football.  Along with our continued success in Womens Basketball and Vollyball.  I think that it would be fairly reasonable to be a new entry into one of these conferences.  I believe the best would be going to the Big Ten as there is Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and possibly other Big 12 North teams if some of this goes through.  That means that we would not be a extreme outlying school.  We also have some of the best facilities in the midwest.  We have Jack Trice which is expected to be expanded the way it is and if we are able to keep growing we may add to that.  We also have one of the better college basketball atmospheres with Hilton and holding a top 5 attendence record in WBB and a still respectable crowd for a recovering MBB program.  I think that this would bring a lot to whatever conference we would join as we also travel very well.  When you put this all together I think that we are a very big underdog on what we have to offer.  I know we don't have the money that others do but I think we are gaining respectability and also with joining another conference we may have some added support because the Big 12 has long been stereotyped as very top heavy.  So lets get this moving and not screw ourselves.
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