Posted on: September 25, 2010 11:54 am

Urbandale J-Hawks vs Ankeny Hawks

I know this probably isn't going to do anything but I must rant somewhere about the officiating last night.  
  1. Okay first off explain to me how you can be down when your knee or any part of your body except your feet hasn't touched the ground.  If they would have realized this then Urbandale would have had a two point conversion that would have tied the game with about two minutes left.  This would have greatly changed the game because Urbandale wouldn't have had to kick an onside kick.  It would have also been a great momentum shift.
  2. Second off explain to me when did it become legal to drag someone down by the facemask.  I swear the Ankeny player literally threw the Urbandale player down by the helmet. Then to make matters worse we called timeout and the clock was still running.  The problem here is the clock should have stopped immediately at 2 seconds for the flag and then we would have called timeout.  Except now they reset it to 1.7 seconds which leads into my next point.
  3. Third why is it so hard to stop the dang clock.  Seriously 1.7 seconds is definitely enough time to spike the ball.  Apparently not because they said that the game was over after this.  I really don't get it because there was still about .5 seconds on the clock at the end of the play.

Alright these are some of my rants but there were other horrible calls such as now you can touch the ball if you're receiving punts but the other team picks the ball up you still get it back.  This is made worse as the coaches were yelling at the players to pick up the ball and run with it.  Also I know the coach as he goes to my church and you could tell he was extremely mad and he is about the most mild tempered coach in the world as he never gets mad.  All in all I would say this was about the worst officiated game it really would compare to calling a facemask on the wrong team such as in I believe the 2004 Iowa bowl game but I'm not sure which one it was.  Really just bad officiating last night.
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Urbandale J-Hawks vs DM Hoover Huskies

Urbandale J-Hawks              VS              Hoover Huskies

                    43                                                                                  0

During week 1 play of High School football the Urbandale J-Hawks faced off against the Hoover Huskies.  I went to the game and it was really a snoozer. Both teams played absolutely horrible.  Now since this is more of a summary on Urbandale I will really only talk about them.  Urbandale started off in the first quarter doing really well.  Once they got into the second they started to cool off but were still scoring every time they got the ball.  Then the entire second half the game remained at 43-0.  I don't really know if they were just not running the score up or what but the J-Hawks looked absolutely horrible.  Now some in depth analysis of some of the players.  Nigel Habben played his first game as being the first string QB, and played well.  Our running game was okay but we need to continue to go forward not back.  Now to the kicking game  where the first two or so Urbandale kickoffs by Ben Hurley were field goals.  I don't know how much this says but he is really good.  He also looked good when he made about a 50 yard field goal which was called back for a false start.  All in all a good start except for some play calling and communication issues.  

One more thing I would like to add is it seemed like false start and offsides were called way more than usual.  Now I don't know if people were just jumpy for the first game of the year or if they are cracking down on it.  Also this new rule of concussions is absolutely ridiculous.  This just gives they refs more ways to get involved in the game than they need to be.  I can see maybe stopping play but it should be the players choice to go in.
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