Posted on: August 7, 2010 2:04 pm
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Ranking the Big XII

Here i'm going to see if I can correctly predict the Big Xll.

  1. Texas - Well it has to be Texas or Oklahoma and I think with both reloading that it will be the one with the better coach in Texas.
  2. Oklahoma - With the loss of Bradford and the loss of him part way through the season it exposed how good they are without the best players.
  3. Nebraska - I think that with this being their last year they will probably be motivated to do really good and leave on a good note.
  4. Texas A&M - I think that they are on the up and up and will be good this year.
  5. Oklahoma State - I think that they are getting better and will have an average year.
  6. Colorado - I think with the same situation as Nebraska they will have a good year.
  7. Missouri - I think they are a couple of years away from becoming the new Nebraska or at least fighting it out with Iowa State.
  8. Texas Tech - I think they will bee okay but with the new coach will have a tough year.
  9. Iowa State - I think will be really good this year but with Texas and Oklahoma being away games this year they will be held back.
  10. Kansas State - I think that they are going in the wrong direction and will be like Iowa State during the Chizik era.
  11. Baylor - I think that they are going in the right direction but will be overshadowed by their bigger brothers and the other up and up teams.
  12. Kansas - With all of the problems they have had the last few years I would say they are going to really struggle.

Sleeper Teams: Iowa State, Missouri, and Baylor
Look for these teams to possibly make a run this year.
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Ranking the Big Ten????

Well I really don't know about this year lets see.......
  1. Iowa - I really think that they are good and with the homefield advantage I don't see many if anyone knocking them off.
  2. Wisconsin - I feel that they will be good and with the homefield advantage they pull of an overtime victory against OSU.
  3. Ohio State - I think they are good I just think their schedule places them at the disadvantage.
  4. Northwestern - I think Pat Fitzgerald is putting a really good team together and with Penn State being down they get 4th.
  5. Penn State - I believe they are good just their young team won't pull of the big wins.
  6. Michigan State - I think they go with an average year.
  7. Indiana - I think they will simply out score some teams with high scoring exciting games.
  8. Michigan - I really think to be successful they need to ban Rich Rodriguez from the campus.
  9. Purdue - Good season just dampened by the rest of the Big Ten.
  10. Minnesota - Same as Purdue
  11. Illinois - Zook can recruit but...       
                                                                     They don't win.
I think that the top three can go either way but this is most likely.  For all I know this could end up in a three way or maybe even four way tie.
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Preseason Top 15 for 2010

  1. Alabama-The only reason is they deserve respect after winning the national title game
  2. Boise State-This may shut them up about how they don't get respect
  3. Iowa (My Pick for National Champion) -They are the real deal I think that they would have gone undefeated had Ricki Stanzi not gotten hurt.  Now great teams need to have back ups and they have one as their true freshman quarterback came in finished out the Northwestern game after no real game experience then the next week went to the Horseshoe and almost took down the mighty Buckeyes.  They also have 3 or four great smash-mouth and quick running backs.  So I really think as long as Stanzi doesn't choke and they stay healthy they will have an explosive offense.  They also have most of their exceptional defense coming back which includes this years Ndamukong Suh.
  4. TCU-I think that they now know what they need to compete and will come back strong
  5. Ohio State-The only hiccups that I see would be Iowa and Wisconsin in which they will lose to Iowa and beat Wisconsin
  6. Texas-I think that they will be about equal to what they were in the championship game without McCoy
  7. Nebraska-I think that as long as their defense doesn't suffer to much from the loss of Suh they will remain competitive
  8. Florida-This is a little high but i'm not sure what to expect from them
  9. Wisconsin-I think that they will be the number three team out of the Big Ten this year losing only to Ohio State and Iowa
  10. Oregon-I really don't know what to make of their off the field troubles yet
  11. Virginia Tech-I think that they will be the big sleeper of the year not getting a whole lot of respect but looking to bring a whole lot of power
  12. LSU-This would be my pick to take home the SEC title this year but I don't think they will be a match for Iowa
  13. Georgia Tech-I think they will remain a top 15 team after their loss to Iowa but I'm not sure how well the option will work this year
  14. North Carolina-They are one of the teams from the evolving ACC that will be good this year
  15. Oklahoma-They will be better this year as long as they stay healthy

One team that I excluded from this list is USC this is because they will not be able to participate in postseason play so I believe it is irrelevant how good they are

This is my top 15 I will be updating it throughout the year on my blog State of Iowa Sports or at State of Iowa Sports by Urbandale
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